Just Show Me the Damn Thing! (feat. Joel Beukelman & Ted Boda)

Episode Summary

Joel Beukelman and Ted Boda stop by during SXSW Interactive 2015 to drink bourbon and talk with Funsize about their process designing in Keynote.

Episode Notes

It’s a wonderful time to be a product designer. There's more design and prototyping tools available to us than ever before (and more and more keep popping up). It’s safe to say we’ll all be using these tools in various ways to achieve the specific results we need. Keynote is a fantastic low-barrier-of-entry tool that allows product managers, designers, and marketing professionals to achieve product success while maximizing time

In this special SXSW '15 Hustle/Balance Podcast cross-over episode, Joel Beukelman and Ted Boda talk about how Keynote has allowed cross discipline teams at Google, Nest, and Netflix to work quickly and efficiently together to craft great products.

Show Notes:


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